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Get Ready to Play!

We are excited to get our first board game, She Loves Me (Not), LIVE NOW on kickstarter. Look out for our monthly newsletter as we walk you through our journey to bring She Loves Me (Not) to your kitchen table.

Welcome to TNTboardgames!

Over the last 10 years I have developed a love for simple games that create the experience of laughter with others. One day I decided that I wanted to make the kind of board game I wanted to play. While I loved the funny party games brought to the table, I started to feel limited by fixed answers on the cards. I kept thinking, "I can come up with a funnier response than what my cards say." This began the process of creating the kind of experience I wanted to have with a party game: the individual creative expression of one's sense of humor. After 3 years of board game design, "She Loves Me (Not)" became ready to share with the world.


How did I partner with the bloke in the picture next to me? Neal played my board game and thought, "If Josh can make a board game, I can make one!" After learning that I don't carry myself intelligently, I asked Neal if he wanted to create a board game company together. Neal shared he was already pitching to a publisher, so I wrote off the idea. After Neal's pitch was rightfully ignored, he came crawling back to his less intelligent friend. That day, TNTboardgames was born, we just didn't know the name yet. A month later Neal came up with "TNTboardgames." How did he come up with the name "TNTboardgames?" TNT are Neal's initials, but also a dangerous explosive, it was an obvious choice. Welcome to TNTboardgames!

- Josh

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