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SHE LOVES ME (NOT) is a party game for creating pick-up and break-up lines based around characters drawn from a deck of cards.


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how to play:

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1. Draw 12 character cards from the pile and place them face down on the game board. The judge for the first round is the player who had the most recent change in relationship status. The judge will draw one of the cards off of the board and place down the heart coin. The heart coin indicates whether players write a pick-up or break-up line.

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2. If the whole heart side of the heart coin is facing up all remaining players will create their own pick-up line to use on the character revealed. In the example above "Doctor" is revealed, so all players will write a pick-up line to use on a doctor.

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3. The judge will pick their favorite response and the player who wrote the line keeps the "Doctor" character card as a point. A new player will become the judge and turn the heat coin to the broken heart side of the coin for the next round. The remaining players will now create a break-up line for the next character card drawn. Rounds switch between pick-up and break-up lines.

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4. At the end of the game, the player with the most cards wins. 


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